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Sick Puppies

Dressed Up As Life

Released: April 3, 2007

Record Label: Virgin Records

Track Listing:

  1. My World
  2. Pitiful
  3. Cancer
  4. What Are You Looking For
  5. Deliverance
  6. All The Same
  7. Too Many Words
  8. Howard's Tale
  9. Asshole Father
  10. Issues
  11. Anywhere But Here
  12. The Bottom

Album Review:

The second full-length album (first North American release) from Sick Puppies provides ample doses of great songs with catchy lyrics, driving rhythms, and kick-ass bass lines. Sick Puppies comes out of Sydney, Australia (Mark Goodwin is from California), but is now based in Los Angeles.

The song writing on Dressed Up as Life is well balanced from start to finish. There are no lulls. It's nice to hear an album where you don't catch yourself reaching for the skip button on your CD/MP3 player.

The album as a whole is produced very well. Emma Anzai's superb bass playing coupled with a strong production has produced some of the best bass sounds on a rock album... ever. Also, pay close attention to the vocals, as Shimon Moore at times seems to slip into insanity and utter sounds that can only be described as other-worldly. The rest of the production, including Mark Goodwin's drumming, is solid.

Listening to this album will make you want to get up out of you seat and move your body to the music while gladly (sic) singing along to songs about youthful angst. I can't pick a favorite track... they're all good. Buy the album... and if you ever have an opportunity to see Sick Puppies perform live, do it.

Type 3 Rating:

8.5 out of 10

| 06.17.2007 | Review by J. Pierson |

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